Patrick Beagan
Patrick Beagan

RDC presented

Dracula by Steven Dietz

on the Arts Centre Mainstage in February of 2013

Lighting Design

This was my first time working with Director Haysam Kadri, who quickly planted the seed which led to my lighting Land of the Dead in Calgary- hopefully we work on many more shows together. I was excited to hear Set Designer C M Zuby (Cindi) was on board- she designed the set for Romeo & Juliet that I lit a few years previous and was a pleasure to work with. And, of course, Costume Designer Carrie Hamilton can always be counted on to contribute to the whimsy and asymmetry. 

A big challenge with this show was the vast area of Mainstage that was in use. The primary set piece was quite far upstage so that several scenes could happen downstage of a scrim which was hiding it until the big reveal when we see Harker's arrival at the lair of the Count. This meant we needed to use a lot more fixtures for every wash. More gels, more gobos, more keystrokes in programming. It also meant every wash was focused to be cut off at the bottom of the scrim but then had to blend upstage once the scrim was flown out. It was a relief that the specific needs of the sun rising and setting wasn't up to me, they were projected, as time was tight with hanging and focusing for such a large stage and with a crew that is really learning as we go. Though- creating realistic skies is intriguing- I played with that in CAT's Fishing For Frank and it was exciting. 


Photos by Sui-Fan Wong.

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