Patrick Beagan
Patrick Beagan

UnSpun Theatre presented

Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump

at the Young Centre for Performing Arts in Toronto in November/December of 2006

Lighting & Set Design

UnSpun Theatre has a dedication to collaboration and giving projects support thorough exploration. This show was first produced in the Toronto Fringe, then expanded and remounted in the Tank House Theatre at the Young Centre. I recall describing my set as an industrial flesh wound; the story was very urban and the characters all on the brink of their emotional limits. I have always liked how girders are primed with this rusty red colour- as though buildings are made like bodies from the inside out, starting with bloody bones.

The show was created by Brendan Gall, Chris Hanratty, Tricia Lahde, Shira Leuchter and Christopher Stanton with Tara Beagan and Kate Hewlett. Brendan Gall also served as Director and Christopher Stanton doubled as Sound Designer. Our Stage Manager was Amy Levett. 

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