Patrick Beagan
Patrick Beagan

Concrete Theatre presented the World Premiere of

I Am For You by Mieko Ouchi

at C103 / Jr Sr High School tour in November 2013


Production Design (Set/Projections/Props/Lighting)

Moving to Edmonton meant reconnecting with Mieko Ouchi after having a fantastic time with her at RDC on The Ghost Sonata, and getting involved with her TYA company, Concrete Theatre! She wrote this fatastic show putting women in the power roles, complete with stage combat, in a Shakespeare show. 

I'd never done any projection design before, so that was a fun challenge, and this was the first set I had to design and build that had to fold up into hockey bags to tour to schools in a van!


This production won the 2014 Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award for 
Outstanding Production for Young Audiences


I Am For You was written & directed by Mieko Ouchi

Photos by Epic Photography Inc

featuring Patricia Cerra, Samantha Jeffery, and Jonathan Purvis

Fight Choreography was also provided by Jonathan Purvis

Sound Design by Dave Clarke


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