Patrick Beagan
Patrick Beagan

Ignition Theatre presented

It's a Wonderful Life: the Live Radio Drama

at City Centre Stage in December 2011

Lighting & Set Design

This was Ignition's answer to Calgary & Edmonton's annual productions of A Christmas Carol. This was the third time they produced this show, but only my second time designing the Set & Lighting for it, working with Director Jeremy Robinson. We kept things as affordable as possible, but as it turned out, a set made of tin foil was quite beautiful! I got some quality time each year cutting out leaves with Stage Manager Stephanie Ridge (who also costumed the show with Caitlyn Thoreson). Jeremy's concept for this show was that it was a touring radio show during the 1940s which was broadcast live from any given theatre. I wanted the set to have the feeling of a town gathering for the lighting of the Christmas Tree while also maintaining the elegant 'night on the town' feel Jeremy was looking for, and our tin foil wreath served both ideas well. Kudos also go out to Sound Designer & Live Folley Artist Dustin Clark.

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