Patrick Beagan
Patrick Beagan

Prime Stock Theatre presented

Sad Victoria's Pelican Day

at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival in 2008

Set, Puppet & Lighting Design

A whimsical, grotesque movement piece based on the songs of Bryce Kulak. This was a fantastic show to be a part of the creation of- from the ground up. It was my first Fringe show so portability and storage in a small area were important. I knew a styrofoam set was risky but it survived with some TLC! This was also my first venture into large backpack puppets which was a blast- much of their carving was courtesy of Heather Cornick.

It was Directed/Choreographed by Thomas Usher, Melissa Mayville, Lynda Adams and Peggy Glasgo Church. I was the Production Designer with Costumes by Tess Hamilton and our Stage Manager was Jamie Betts. The visual elements of this show were inspired by the artwork of Tristan Overy.

Performed by Alexandra Mihill, Darren Paul & Peggy Glasgo Church, featuring Bryce Kulak on piano & vocals with Jane Mueller (nee Franz) on keyboard and Rob Goodwin on drums. 

Heather Cornick, Samantha Tigchelaar, Jason Schwarz, Dan Barton
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