Patrick Beagan
Patrick Beagan

Ignition Theatre presented

Speech & Debate by Stephen Karam

at the Matchbox in September of 2010

Lighting Design

This was an odd little show- one of many I designed the Lighting for under Director Matt Grue. The show was largely a drama about broken boundaries between adults and minors- with some bizarre modern dance and historical song interspersed, ending with a sweet coming out story. It was a challenge to serve the range of looks/moods the script demanded in a venue with only 24 channels of dimming, but it always seemed to work out. The venue- the Matchbox has since closed and is missed very much by those of us who spent years working on Ignition Theatre shows there!

Matt Grue also designed the set (and completely redesigned it after rehearsals started), Stephanie Ridge stage managed, Dustin Calrke designed the sound and projections and costumes were by Caitlyn Thoreson.

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