Patrick Beagan
Patrick Beagan

RDC presented

the Ghost Sonata by August Strindberg, translated by Carl R Mueller

in Studio A, April 2011

Set & Lighting Design

This was the first time I worked with Director Mieko Ouchi, and I will jump at any future opportunity to work with her again! This is such a bizarre script, full of rich imagery; I had a great time exploring the possibilities with Mieko, and my resulting Set & Lighting design is definitely one of my favourites. This was also my first design for an alley stage. Mieko was inspired by the designers Mariano Fortuny and Paul Poiret who were taking their inspirations from Japan during the time this show was set. One goal was to keep expenses under control on this show, so Costume Designer Carrie Hamilton made use of the costumes she designed for RDC's Romeo & Juliet and reinvented them with great success. Student Sound Designer Scott Harke rounded out the production team, with guidance from Sui-Fan Wong, who also took the production photos.

We used a revolve in the show but I wouldn't let them motorize it- in Studio A you really hear the hum of the motor before a revolve starts to turn which is just no fun.

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