Patrick Beagan
Patrick Beagan

Central Alberta Theatre presented

The Psychic by Sam Bobrick

in March of 2012 at City Centre Stage

Set & Lighting Design

This was one of many shows I designed for Director Matt Grue. It's usually for Ignition Theatre, though- a joint venture with CAT was new for us. It was fun to work in this newly renovated venue (former Uptown Cinema), which meant the lighting and set designs for CAT shows could be more involved than in their previous venue(s). This was one of those shows where I really enjoyed planning the set to make the lighting more interesting and vice versa. Costumes were designed by Shelley Kozakevich, Props by Stephanie Ridge. The intent here was to be borderline cartoonish, as the characters were rather stock archetypes, but with a gritty finish to keep it believable. The cast actually found more real depth to the characters than we originally saw on the page so we didn't take the cartoon colour palette as far as we initially expected, but still wound up with a very fun world for the play.

My original conceptual sketch for The Psychic
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