Patrick Beagan
Patrick Beagan

Red Deer College presented

the Tempest

on RDC's Mainstage in February 2016

Lighting Design

I've worked on several Shakespeare shows with Director Thomas Usher, but after many summers at Bower Ponds it was exciting to be able to have fun lighting a show more theatrically. His concept for this show as a first-contact story with the Haida was intriguing, and respectfully explored with the help of an elder from Haida Gwaii who was thrilled that people of any background wanted to explore the story this way.

This was a tricky show to light, with layer upon layer of scrims, but the smaller playing area meant we didn't lose a bunch of time hanging and focusing lots of basic area lights so we had time to play with the moving lights to texture the 'trees' and sky. I would still do things very differently if I was to do it again, of course. Set and Costume Designer Carrie Hamilton provided a great giant canvas for lighting, and an engaging world for the play (on a budget!).


Thanks, as usual at RDC, to Sui-Fan Wong for taking the photos.

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