Patrick Beagan
Patrick Beagan

Prime Stock Theatre presented

Thy Neighbour's Wife by Tara Beagan

at the Scott Block in April of 2009

Set & Lighting Design

I was glad to design the set and lighting for the original production in Toronto produced by UnSpun Theatre, and was pleasantly surprised when I attended a Board meeting for Prime Stock for the first time in the winter of 2008 only to find they had been in discussions to produce it in Red Deer with Director Lynda Adams! Selena Percy designed the costumes for this production, and our fiddler was Marcel Nokony. I wanted to keep the skeletal/prison feel of my original set, but we wanted to mix it up- Lynda was keen to have the floor raked somewhat and to blur the lines between the different rooms of the house that the show calls for. The show is basically a flashback, so it's meant to feel like this house has been resurrected temporarily for the telling of this story, but that it could fold back in on itself at any time.

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